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Since its inception in 1997, TEKSTART has helped more than 30 new ventures from around the globe to achieve their strategic objectives:


We're proud of our accomplishments at startups in the "orienting, pioneering and conquering" stages of development in Enterprise Software, IT Services, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Semiconductor and Internet (security/infrastructure/b2b) industries, among others.

Here are just a few of our successful clients:

Eonite, Inc., an enterprise software start-up headquartered in Cupertino, CA, develops, markets and supports a patent-pending software product and related services for IT automation. The company is privately held.

"Prior to engaging with Alan Feinberg, Eonite consisted entirely of the founding technologists. Within just a few months, Alan helped make Eonite into a real company with paying customers, employees and a sound advisory board. He searched for and interviewed prospective advisors and employees, helped us to understand the value of our product, defined our sales process, targeted our first customer and helped us to close our first sale. As our virtual VP of business development, Alan was an invaluable member of the Eonite team."

Anna Petrovskaya
President & CEO
Eonite, Inc.

Founded in 1995, InterWeave Tech. Corp. (Santa Clara CA) develops and markets an integrated suite of web-based software products and services to enable Design Process Optimization. The company is privately held.

"Alan started dealing with us when we were at a crossroads with respect to our products and our broader vision. First he helped to bring clarity, alignment and focus. He then helped us to build our marketing and sales strategies. These were typical challenges for an up-start technology company like ours, and we couldn't have succeeded in them without Alan's help".

Krishna Uppuluri
President & CEO
Interweave Tech.

Vitalect, (Palo Alto, CA), a privately funded e-learning startup, develops, hosts, and supports web based courses in a range of high-technology areas. The company, a spin-off of Bytek Designs, Inc., launched its popular cyber-learning web site in 1999.

"We needed the assistance of a seasoned marketing and sales executive with a good understanding of the industry. Alan served us extremely well; helping us to position our offerings, define our strategy, and build awareness of our company. He was very professional and came with an excellent network of contacts."

Pran Kurup
President & CEO
Vitalect, Inc.

Atrenta Inc. (San Jose, CA) is an enabler of Collaborative Electronic Design solutions. In January 2002 the company announced the closing of an $11.2 million Series A equity investment led by Venrock Associates and TL Ventures.

"As an early-stage company going through fast growth, Atrenta needed to rapidly expand its marketing and sales initiatives. Alan Feinberg proved to be invaluable in this process. His contributions in formulating sales strategies, developing a company image and positioning, building up a sales team and maintaining sales momentum through this process was significant. Alan has good business judgment, 'street smart' startup skills, and the management capabilities to be a major asset to a company's core management team."

Ajoy K. Bose, Ph.D.
President and CEO
Atrenta, Inc.

Servis EDA (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) provides services to help companies and universities develop Electronic Design Automation software tools. It is privately held.

"We needed an experienced professional like Alan to help establish an overseas presence. He did a thorough job of distilling marketing goals into well-defined objectives, refining market entry strategies and forging strategic partnerships. His network is very impressive. Also, with his vast international experience he was able to add valuable insights while managing cross-cultural sensitivities. Even though we worked quite a lot on a virtual basis due to the distance factor, the level of commitment he provided to see a project through to completion made it feel as if he was a real member of our close-knit team."

Zak Bahrom
Managing Director
Servis EDA, Sdn. Bhd.

MicroArk is a 'Silicon Valley style' startup headquartered in Tokyo Japan. The privately-held company develops and provides technical software and related services for engineers.

"We did not have US office at this stage of the company's life, so we needed help establishing a presence in the US. We had some concerns about working remotely from our offices in Japan. But Mr. Feinberg's responses were always very prompt. This involved numerous arrangements with various companies in the US. Mr. Feinberg not only led us through the maze of preparation for the company launch at a major international trade show, but we were constantly amazed at his efforts to deliver under budget."

K. Kudoh
Vice President
MicroArk, Co. Ltd.

Sagantec, a privately held company, was founded in 1993 in Israel and Europe. Today, the company's physical design migration software is the most widely used in the Electronic Design Automation industry.

"Sagantec had an urgent need to build up a sales force and a sales process while continuing to sell and support our customers. Alan Feinberg provided an excellent service, with which we could plan the staffing and hire the right people and at the same time streamline the sales process and achieve our sales and profitability goals. Alan proved to be thorough and highly professional and was always focused on our company's best interests."

Coby Zelnik
General Manager
Sagantec North America, Inc.

Denali Software, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA) a privately funded software startup, is the world's leading provider of solutions for memory subsystem design automation. The company pioneered this business segment in 1994.

"Our biggest challenge as a company this year was how to bootstrap our sales operation. Alan Feinberg's value was in his experience with all of the sales channel alternatives and his ability to execute in start-up mode. By the time we concluded our contract with Alan, a sales machine was in motion that we could replicate to take our company to the next level."

Sanjay Srivastava
President and CEO
Denali Software, Inc.

Arexsys S.A. (Grenoble France), a French and American venture-funded software startup launched in June 1998, is a technology leader in the System Design Automation (SDA) market. The company merged with TNI-Valiosys in June 2001.

"We selected Alan Feinberg to establish our first center of operation in the US based upon his high degree of professionalism as well as his pragmatic approach to business. As our goal was to launch the company at a major international trade conference, Mr. Feinberg was able to rapidly help us making this event a major step in the positioning of the company. The efficient participation of Mr. Feinberg in our project from the beginning confirmed our original choice."

Francois Constant
President and Managing Director
Arexsys SA

Counterpane Internet Security, Inc. (Cupertino, CA) is the innovator and world's leading provider of Managed Security Monitoring (MSM) services. MSM adds real-time security detection and response to existing product-based countermeasures. The result is a network that is more secure than ever before.

"Understanding and streamlining the sales cycle was a major objective for Counterpane for 2002. Alan's help has been invaluable in developing and implementing the processes we needed to make our sales channels more effective. We chose him over others for his strength in depth, particularly in the startup environment. He's proved to be very effective at understanding our business and it's sales challenges and has become a welcome addition to our sales management team."

John Bruce
Executive Vice President
Counterpane Internet Security, Inc.

SuccessFactors (San Mateo, CA), a venture-funded startup, is the leading provider of web-based solutions that help Fortune 1000 companies optimize their workforce capabilities.

" was at a stage where it was necessary to quickly put in a sales infrastructure to facilitate higher growth levels. Within three months of working with Alan, we were able to expand our sales force by 200% and hire a permanent VP of Sales. By leveraging Alan's in-depth startup experience, we were able to build our team much quicker than we could have done on our own. At a personal level, Alan was a real pleasure to work with, and consistently went the extra mile to ensure our objectives were met in a timely fashion."

Mark Pecoraro
President & CEO (Austin, TX) is the leading talent acquisition and retention Application Service Provider committed to helping organizations effectively automate the recruiting process to win the "talent war". Formerly called world.hire, was named one of the "Hot 100 Private Companies" of 1999 by Upside magazine.

"Alan's work, support, information and assistance were invaluable as we at mapped out our International strategy. His efforts helped us to formulate a sound International business plan, and we would not have accomplished this as quickly without his assistance."

Hank Stringer
Founder and President

Prior to its acquisition by Cadence (NYSE: CDN), Ambit Design Systems (Sunnyvale CA) was a privately held, venture-funded startup with innovative software solutions for high-end chip design.

"It was very, very useful to collaborate with someone at my level who had been through the startup process before, in order to test our assumptions and get fresh new ideas. Alan Feinberg really helped us to tune our sales process, consolidate our competitive strategy, and set the direction for the sales force in order to achieve our aggressive growth targets."

Martin Harding
Vice President, Worldwide Sales
Ambit Design Systems, Inc.

TeamEDA is a 10-year design automation company based in Manchester, NH

TeamEDA developed License Asset Manager (LAM) in 2006, which is used to manage expensive EDA and MDA software licenses, renewals, and all related information. The product also has an option for collecting usage metrics. LAMUM 6.0 (LAM with Usage Monitoring) was introduced in May 2013. For more information, click here.

  Performance-IP is a Boston-area startup focused on offering highly differentiated embedded processor subsystem components.

Performance-IP was created to design semiconductor IP which improves the system level performance of our customers designs, giving them a performance advantage over their competition. Performance-IP's products are driving our customers designs to the highest possible performance at the lowest possible power levels. For more information, click here.

POLYTEDA is a 9-year design automation company based in Kiev, Ukraine

POLYTEDA provides the fastest verification software that combines accuracy and scalability. Unique technology makes PowerDRC/LVS the best solution for medium and large IC layouts and modern IC process nodes, from 0.35um to 20nm. For more information, click here.

To contact TEKSTART for additional references or detailed information on any of these client companies, click here.

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